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Pizza Norcia was founded by two locals who just wanted a good pizza. When a beautiful building in downtown El Dorado had been on the market for way too long, we did what you would have done and bought it. We found a great chef, picked up a great oven, hired a great team, and set forth to make a great local pizza. 

We are named after Norcia (NOR-cha), a little medieval town in Umbria, Italy, birthplace of Saints Benedict and (his twin sister) Scholastica. At about the same elevation and topography as El Dorado, Norcia is known for its monks, its hams, and its truffles (tartufo). It’s a place so full of wonder it has inspired our menu. We are the only restaurant on the continent (as far as we know) to serve Birra Nursia, an acclaimed beer brewed by the Monks of Norcia themselves. Our wine list is mostly Italian. We rotate vintages that best compliment our menu. 

Pizza Norcia offers a seasonal menu with a few regular staples. From local farms to direct Norcian imports, we source the highest quality produce and ingredients – almost always organic. We don’t serve anything we wouldn’t serve to our closest friends. You are the reason we exist.

Pro Bono Amicorum. For the good of friends. 

36-hour Fermentation

The main ingredient in our dough is time. Fermenting no less than 36 hours, organic flour, water, and sea salt are animated by an ancient sourdough starter, resulting in the perfect crust.

From there we craft something beautiful, simple, and satisfying – a Pizza worthy of being served to a friend. Our goal is to make a pie so good that it might just make you cry.

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